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A lounge somewhere? The new concept of outdoor hospitality

With Lilloland, a new type of escape is imagined: environmental and cozy, fixed and mobile, functional and attractive. A true experience focused on nature and a change of scenery.
The main tool resides in a light and modular habitat, which can be taken apart and transported and can be turned into spaces dedicated to catering, leisure or rest.
The aim is to have a sense of freedom, to evolve at will in natural spaces, authentic or atypical places, to enjoy the beauty of exceptional views.

A concept by Samuel Fricaud and Cédric Fages

Experienced in the creation of ambitious concepts, the team has developed with Lilloland an accessible way to change your scenery. A shared vision of an “art de vivre” that awakens the senses, allows one to enjoy nature, protect the environment, while seeking quality and comfort.
With nature at the heart of the concept: an ode to refined nomadism, close to the pleasures and riches offered by these little known spaces.
Samuel Fricaud, associates environment and the art of living, with architectural. His reflection on the improvement of the standard of living in the home has lead him to create the Donabay concept, a wooden frame environmental housing, the Provençal lodge, and to look into the outdoor experience.
Cedric Fages, includes in his projects the best practice of the “responsible creation”. His experience in the development of commercial architecture incited him to look deeper into the idea of an escape of close proximity.
With this new concept, the designers bring a fresh outlook on the outdoor hospitality industry, bringing in the notion of well-being, while drawing on the varied sources of escape provided by the natural spaces.
Another aim is to renew the concept of the outdoor hospitality industry, in a contemporary and sophisticated spirit, to think over the required equipment and services according to the setting.
Above all, the intention is to occupy natural spaces, enjoy protected areas and sustain them through a non-intrusive construction method that minimizes its environmental footprint.

In the open air

Lilloland represents an exceptional and innovative “nature” experience. The concept meets the new needs of the outdoor hospitality industry, raises standards, encourages the development of short stays all year round, while ensuring the needs for comfort and leisure.
The outdoor hospitality industry, forever evolving, is the second most preferred type of lodging worldwide. Inspired by natural spaces, the project aims to reassess the idea of rest, relaxation and leisure. The services and equipment associated to a protected environment, are developed in harmony with their setting, the project of the investor, the owner or the manager, and this allows the project to offer multiple experiences. A space to rest under a tree, a reading and resting corner, a sportive activity, a new discovery in the surroundings…

An escape of close proximity

The mountain/sea concept has had its time and clients of today are looking for something else: to “take a pause somewhere”, to go on to made to measure short stays oriented towards nature, discovery, relaxation and leisure time… With Lilloland all these new aspirations are fulfilled, with additional benefit of being able to admire an exceptional site, close to one’s home or much further away. The surprise resides in the site, its peaceful beauty, the lightness of the infrastructures, the comfort and well-being generated by the closeness to nature: look, listen, feel, smell, gaze… regenerate.

Whatever location

A protected natural area, a forest, a beach, an island, a mountain, a farm, a reserve, a valley, a vineyard, an historical site, a park, an atypical site being converted, a preserved setting, gardens or cities. A great diversity of areas, situated in France or abroad, the concept has no boundaries.

Whatever the climate

From mountain to desert climate, close to the summits or near the water, the project can be adapted to all altitudes, thanks to a well thought out concept and a performing insulation.

Whatever the length of the stay

All year round, for a season, a week-end or an event, Lilloland can be adapted to all types of stays. The entire project is set up and moved easily leaving a minimal ecological footprint.

Whatever the experience

Discovery, rest, leisure, well-being, sports activities, fauna, flaura, terroir, gastronomy, culture… Experiences and activities always considered in accordance with the setting.

Whatever the project

Within an existing project, in addition to a running business: a game reserve, a golf, a spa, an agricultural land, a hotel, a restaurant, a museum, a park, to rehabilitate and bring added value to a site (a gravel pit for example), to develop an open air area within a city, a province, a country.

An ideal accommodation

The high-end lodge is the main realization of Lilloland: an open structure in a preserved natural area. The aim of the type of accommodation developed by Samuel Fricaud and Cédric Fages is to bring the comfort of a hotel suite to an outdoor experience. Aesthetics, a free and nomadic spirit, a life in the open air, all of which inspired by the Berber tent, the trailer, the hut, the shack, coupled with high standards of quality and an optimal comfort. Functional and made to measure layouts: sanitation, walk-in closet, office, bedding, bathroom. Accessible to singles, couples and families, the habitat and the spaces within can be personalized according to the targeted populations, the sites and the experiences one seeks. Solutions are developed specifically for each natural space and clientele: the size, the addition of a kitchen for more autonomy, a child’s room… The concept is quick to build, nothing is made on site, the units are ready to be put together and naturally find their place on the sites. The airiness of the structures: accommodation, catering, relaxation, leisure, swimming pool, etc., layed and linked together through wooden walkways (part of the technical components), facilitate the installation and removal of the different elements of the concept.

In harmony with nature

Very airy, the lodge first reveals itself to you as a stretched canvas supported by a metallic structure with an elegant wooden facade. Its airy and sculptural silhouette echoes sobriety and beauty. Healthy, renewable and modern building materials, clean lines, a refined and outward-looking aesthetic. A spacious area, the bedroom (from 20 to 40 m2) is carried by a large opening, the sole one, that leads to a private terrace (of 10 to 30 m2) sheltered on the sides. The aim: ensure the privacy of the guests and focus on the view.
Enhanced by the design, the panorama becomes part of the habitat, interior and exterior fuse into one space, without any difference of level, transparent railings and above all, a large bay window that gives view onto an exceptional territory… The interior design is conceived as a cocoon of comfort and well-being, a refined and warm living place. At night, the luminescent canvas, reminiscent of fireflies, add to the luminous atmosphere of the site. The lodge is the perfect symbiosis of architecture and nature.

Lillo-lodge, an exceptional art of living

Unlike the spirit of most outdoor accommodation, built in the style of sheds with minimum comfort, Lillo-lodge has been developed to improve the quality of life. The wooden frame unit, is built on a high and low floor. Perfectly insulated with walls being 160 mm thick, of which 90 mm are made of the structure and of an insulating material made out of wood fiber. The exterior wall is covered in a wooden façade of Douglas-fir cladding, selected for its thermal properties.
Covered by a canvas, the unit is not in direct contact with the sun radiation, as it brings necessary protection, a natural ventilation as well as shade and light. An ingenious system that allows airing the façade while ensuring thermal and acoustic insulation. Lillo-lodge is the perfect balance between the lightness (structure) and the performance between the conservation of nature and the well-being of the guests, between the classic hotel industry and the outdoor hospitality industry.

A choice of freedom and authenticity

The discovery of a site, with the respect of nature, generally means there are no man made nuisances whether they are related to noise, light or sight; it also involves choosing healthy building materials, low energy systems and preferring renewable energies. A set up ensuring privacy and allowing one to feel alone. While following the natural curves of the landscape, the units are harmoniously spread on the natural surroundings, allowing intimacy and an access to a beautiful view. With Lilloland, a new concept of tourism appears: make the outdoor tourist more centered on nature, bring a new experience and vision, encourage holidays turned to the respect of the environment, while allowing surprise and a change of scenery. All of this, with a warm and contemporary style. An ideal concept to enjoy exceptional moments.

Lilloland, a concept to develop

Professionals of the tourism industry, investors, partners, managers… you can be forerunners establishing a new art of living and leisure. The change of scenery at your feet and most of all, the birth of a lasting and economically sustainable activity. Become part of an innovative project, here or elsewhere, develop your activity… Act so that ready to use concept will see the day, on sites not yet known in France or… elsewhere.


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